Chinese Theme Park Photos

There’s a lot to Chinese theme parks than blatant copies of Disney Land. Here are some weird and interesting photos taken at amusement parks across China:

Beautiful Cloud Photos

Beautiful Winter Scenery Photos

Looking at these amazing winter landscapes makes me wish winter was already upon us! [Click each photo to view it in full size.]

The Great Robots of China

Just got this huge set of photographs via e-mail, most of which were taken at robot expos in China over the last few years. I cannot identify any of these robots, and I am also unsure if they are all of Chinese origin. Anybody out there an expert on Chinese robotics?

Tokyo in 1913: 22 Photographs

The Japanese National Diet Library’s website has put up a huge collection of photographs taken in Tokyo around the beginning of the 20th century. After spending a couple hours on the site, I saved 22 of my favorite photographs and have posted them here for you all to enjoy. Most of these were taken around [...]

Awesome African Pets

An incredible series of photographs taken in Nigeria as part of Pieter Hugo’s ‘Gadawan Kura’ – The Hyena Men(click each image to view in high resolution):

Giant Man-Eating Catfish Caught in China?

These images, reported to be gigantic catfish that was caught in a lake in Southern China, have been swirling around the Chinese internet for the last couple months. Those spreading the image claim that the 3-meter long fish may have eaten several swimmers who had disappeared in recent years. It sounds outlandish, but why not [...]

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