Chinese Bear Fishing?

Somebody sent me this picture in an e-mail, but they weren’t sure where it came from. It looks like a zoo, possibly in Asia, where visitors are allowed to feed bears with little fishing poles. Does anyone know the story behind this picture?

Guard dogs of Tiananmen Square

Guess they ran out of scary dogs?

Diaolou: Multi-Storied Defensive Village Houses in Kaiping

A brief excerpt on these awesome houses from the United Nations, which designated them as a World Heritage Site: Kaiping Diaolou and Villages feature the Diaolou, multi-storeyed defensive village houses in Kaiping, which display a complex and flamboyant fusion of Chinese and Western structural and decorative forms. They reflect the significant role of émigré Kaiping [...]

Chinese Theme Park Photos

There’s a lot to Chinese theme parks than blatant copies of Disney Land. Here are some weird and interesting photos taken at amusement parks across China:

Dramatic Photos from the 2007 Chinese Floods

If you were following international news earlier this summer, you may have heard about the heavy rains that brought about massive flooding throughout China. The floods killed over 500 people and forced over 1.4 million others to evacuate their homes, inflicting billions of dollars worth of damage. It certainly sounds terrible when you read an [...]

The Great Robots of China

Just got this huge set of photographs via e-mail, most of which were taken at robot expos in China over the last few years. I cannot identify any of these robots, and I am also unsure if they are all of Chinese origin. Anybody out there an expert on Chinese robotics?

Giant Man-Eating Catfish Caught in China?

These images, reported to be gigantic catfish that was caught in a lake in Southern China, have been swirling around the Chinese internet for the last couple months. Those spreading the image claim that the 3-meter long fish may have eaten several swimmers who had disappeared in recent years. It sounds outlandish, but why not [...]