Cats in the World Cup

This is what happens when you mix cats and soccer…. [Source: the Japanese image forum]

Smiling Animals #2

Smiling Animals

Badass Snake Photos

Chinese Bear Fishing?

Somebody sent me this picture in an e-mail, but they weren’t sure where it came from. It looks like a zoo, possibly in Asia, where visitors are allowed to feed bears with little fishing poles. Does anyone know the story behind this picture?

Awesome African Pets

An incredible series of photographs taken in Nigeria as part of Pieter Hugo’s ‘Gadawan Kura’ – The Hyena Men(click each image to view in high resolution):

Giant Man-Eating Catfish Caught in China?

These images, reported to be gigantic catfish that was caught in a lake in Southern China, have been swirling around the Chinese internet for the last couple months. Those spreading the image claim that the 3-meter long fish may have eaten several swimmers who had disappeared in recent years. It sounds outlandish, but why not [...]