Cats in the World Cup

This is what happens when you mix cats and soccer…. [Source: the Japanese image forum]

Hilarious Baby Faces

The ultimate baby face photo set:

Smiling Animals #2

Smiling Animals

Weird Bathrooms & Toilets

A collection of weird and bizarre bathroom and toilet pictures:

Badass Snake Photos

A girl & her Hitler doll

Amusing, Funny, and Scary Snowmen

Winter has come to an end, so I thought I’d share some of the best Snowman pictures I came across on various message boards in 2009-2010:

Chinese Bear Fishing?

Somebody sent me this picture in an e-mail, but they weren’t sure where it came from. It looks like a zoo, possibly in Asia, where visitors are allowed to feed bears with little fishing poles. Does anyone know the story behind this picture?

Russian Victory Day Parade

May 9th was the 63rd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, so there were celebrations in Moscow. This year’s celebration was a bit different than those held in recent years, since it involved a revival of Soviet-style military parades of power: For the first time in years, heavy military hardware rumbled through Red Square. [...]

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