Giant Man-Eating Catfish Caught in China?

These images, reported to be gigantic catfish that was caught in a lake in Southern China, have been swirling around the Chinese internet for the last couple months. Those spreading the image claim that the 3-meter long fish may have eaten several swimmers who had disappeared in recent years. It sounds outlandish, but why not examine the pictures before deciding if it’s a fake? [Looks a hell of a lot like a whale shark to me. What do you think?]

WARNING: If seeing a fish cut open is offensive to you, don’t scroll down to the bottom of this post!









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86 Responses to “Giant Man-Eating Catfish Caught in China?”
  1. sarahi says:

    um im not sure but everybody i know think its a whale shark but lake, eats people, no whiskers? might be a new species maybe

  2. Sean k. says:

    You’re an idiot!! You sloterd a pefectly awsom catfish!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  3. guy says:

    You guys are all idiots. Do you believe every story with a picture?

  4. SCOTT says:

    ba ba booey!
    ba ba booey!

  5. Earl says:

    This a pic of a small whale shark…a very endangered species. Wanna see a big Mekong Cat?

  6. Earl says:

    I must vigorously disagree with Eric, though. Catfish are highly predatory. I have caught several on artificials while fishing for bass, and I mean crank baits. Here at Lake Marion live Blue Back Herring is a favorite bait for huge Blue Cats. These Cats are apex predators in this system.

  7. livinhope1990 says:

    Its a damn whale shark dumbasses

  8. Ooobie says:

    this is weird. but please dont leave rude comments about how the chinese want to win world records. some just dont know that its a whale shark, what’s so surprising about that. and even if they dont know its a whale shark, it doesnt give you the right to say that they’re giving it another name for world record. if you feel that way, then you must be that kind of person. i just hate how people these days are so ignorant. cant you just accept the fact that they have made a mistake in distinguishing animals?

  9. Christy says:

    i dont think this is a catfish but at the same time i dont believe that it is a whale shark, considering that whale sharks are not meat eaters. how can there be human bones in a whale shark …? i’ll just go with the assumption that it is a catfish considering that they are highly predatory. hahaha

  10. John says:

    Yes, it’s a whale shark. No bones shown, so how do we believe that allegation at all?
    This is like so much internet garbage with a real photo and a story that has no basis in fact at all, or in any way.
    No catfish, no body, no lake, no substantiation at all.

  11. Chris says:

    If you want to know the validity of most stories, go to and type in story headline. Checkerboard patterns plus gill slits tells you it’s a whale shark and they probably caught that shark off of a salt-water coast, not where they said.

  12. Brad says:

    I would like to disagree with the poster who said catfish are not predatory . That statement is false. The best bait for flat head catfish is Live bait.

  13. Troy says:

    It took me about a tenth of a second to realize this was a whale shark. I’ve wanted to dive with these beautiful animals since I was a kid. They’re perfectly harmless to humans.

  14. michael says:

    this is a ginormous flathead catfish…if its a whale shark wheres the teeth…yall r dumbasses

  15. Fred Kerner says:

    Hi Dick,

    the story of the man-eating catfish looks impressive and so do the fotos. However, I refuse to believe it. I think I know a little bit about catfish. The fish on the foto looks to me like a whaleshark (which eats plankton or, to be more exact, krill and definitely is not carnivorous), the whiskers can be ropes fixed under it and so we have a good fotomontage. The largest catfish in the area described is the Mekong catfish (shark pangasius family), which is herbivorous i.e. lives on waterplants and has no teeth and no more whiskers when grown up. The largest European catfish, which sometimes may catch a duck, a nutria or even a little dog (stories about it attacking children were frequently told in former times but have never been confirmed) almost reaches that size (this species was bigger in the past) but looks completely different. Conclusion: there are a few things which don’t fit together. Still: a good and very impressive hoax! Very interesting. Where did you get it from?

    take care


  16. zac says:

    Clearly a whale shark, i can’t believe i’m contributing to this idiotic conversation.
    Sharks, cows, dogs, the chinese
    appetite doesn’t discriminate. lol

  17. woundedduck says:

    Dogs, whale sharks, panda bears, unhatched chicken embryos–is there anything the Chinese WON’T eat?

  18. Julia X. says:

    My friend and I have done a lot of research on this picture, and other pictures of catfish and whale sharks. This appears to be a whale shark, but I’m still at a loss as to figure out how a whale shark got into a lake. I also would like to know if a whale shark is so gentle, how did human legs end up inside of it? Any ideas?

  19. I.G says:

    I totally think this is a whale shark,
    Just look at its mouth.Its asbig as a whale shark.
    Im a conservationist.And it IS a whale shark.They will do anything to get plankton if there really hungry.
    Im 99% sure that this is a whale shark.
    Look at the skin.Inside looks like a whaley too.
    Thats about 20-30 ft so thats a young whale shark.And theres nothing called a mutant animal.Theres only 1 thing that looks like a catfish-the eye.

    Theres several possibilities that this is in fresh water.
    It might end up there
    A bull shark took its egg/baby
    and more I cant list every 100+ reason.

  20. Lek says:

    It’s a whale shark…If you look up a whale shark, it looks JUST like that. It is by no means a cat fish. I’m astonished that this is even taken seriously by anyone. And even if this was a cat fish-which it’s not-it would still be too small to be a man-eating one. This entire thing is stupid.

  21. Kai says:

    That catfish or whale shark i heard of in a book and it was called a catfish in the book and i dont think that is a catfish also in the mississippi river there is more man-eating “catfish”

  22. Pwnz3r Dragon says:

    That… Is just… DISPICABLE





    Whoever was a part in catching that thing should be shot, hanged, then ground up and fed to the very sharks they try to catch…

  23. Fishman says:

    are you kidding me? that’s a whale shark! isn’t it clear? man…

  24. just me says:

    Wow. It kinda amazes me how rude some of you people are. You call each other names and tell each other to go to Hell… it’s really disgusting actually.
    I don’t know what that creature is, and truth be told, if you did not get an up-close-and-personal look at it, you don’t KNOW either. You may think you do; you may be positive, but you can’t KNOW from a picture. Sorry.
    If that is a whale-shark, then it is a shame that they made such a show of killing it. If they NEEDED it for food or something, then I can understand, EVEN if it is endangered. Humans are still more important than animals. However, to mock it’s death that way, if indeed, it was planned as a hoax, is dreadful, as we should be protecting the weak, not shooting them down.
    As for the POSSIBILITY of it being a catfish, there is no reason why people should get so angry at the idea. Catfish HAVE, whether you were born yet or not (or whether you’ve heard of it or not, because, wake up call – you don’t know everything), been known to grow to monstrous proportions, and if they get that big, does it not make sense that their diets may grow along with them? A huge catfish could reasonably begin to desire more sustenance and look for it above the floor of it’s home.
    Whichever it is is incredibly important, but not for you or for me – for the people who have lost their children to SOMETHING at the bottom of that reservoir and are desperately searching for answers, any answers. It could be that they did this purposely to bring outside help in to find what thing took their loved ones from them, if that part of the story is true. Don’t be so quick to judge others.
    And IF you decide you want to leave an argument to “prove” that you are right (because heavens knows you’re always right and have to make that known to the world), make sure you do your research and keep a positive outlook. Because really, a lot of you look stupid and awful because of some of the heartless things you said.
    If you really care so much, try caring for the people you just told to go to Hell (which you obviously know nothing about) or basically told to die or whatever, because we’re all in this together and if we leave even one person out of that, we’ve weakened ourselves.
    Have a good night, all.

  25. Its a whale shark these people eat them and dogs and lots of other sh!!t when you dont have money you eat what you can

  26. CocoChanels says:

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  27. Blade says:

    These guys are thick, they’ve just killed and seemingly ate a heavily protected species, the whale shark. BUSTED!

    (And the dissaperance of the divers was probably something else…)

  28. chesty says:

    DEFINITELY a whale shark, the story may not be true, probably wasn’t found in a lake. i am lucky enough to have swam with whale sharks, and i know what they look like.

  29. redneck says:

    an they wander where all of the sea wild life is going like that baby whale shark,an they call themselves fishermen lol

  30. redneck says:

    an they wonder where all of the sea wild life is going like that baby whale shark,an they call themselves fishermen lol

  31. DrEurope says:

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  32. brian says:

    It doesn’t even look like a catfish? has anyone even seen one before? Where are the whiskers?


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